Tips for a Smooth Recovery After Oral Surgery

You made it through oral surgery, now what? It is important to follow proper procedures after oral surgery lancaster to ensure a quick and full recovery. Whether you had wisdom teeth removed, received new dental implants, or had other types of oral surgery, the following tips are designed to use to ensure a complete and quick recovery.

Take it Easy

Take it easy after your oral surgery. All the things that need to be done can wait until later. Your recovery is what is most important right now. You’ve been through a lot and your body needs time to heal itself and adjust. Give yourself that time by resting after the surgery and, if necessary, the following day as well.

Ice to the Rescue

Use an icepack on your face to reduce swelling and inflammation. It is ideal to leave the ice pack on your face (on the area of surgery) for a period of about 15-minutes and remove it, do it again, etc. Ice always helps after oral surgery so make sure that you use it to help with swelling and pain for 24- 28 hours after the procedure.

Follow All Care Instructions

Whatever care instructions the surgeon provides, follow them. You may want to brush your teeth, eat, etc., but doctor’s orders are in place for a reason and its best to heed his advice to keep yourself safe. You will be back to normal before you know it, so don’t take any risks now.

Final Word

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Keep the information above in mind if you want to ensure a full recovery after oral surgery. Use this information in combination with the information provided by your oral surgeon for best results. You will be smiling beautifully before you know it!